Content Management System

Getting Started:


To login to the CMS visit

Your Account and Dashboard

Customize your dashboard and create your own password

You will automatically be assigned a generic password. After you log‐in for the first time please change your password. You can also customize your dashboard to make the CMS tools you use easier to find.

Changing your password

After logging in click on “my account” at the top left of the page, type your new password into the password field. Please keep your username as your email address.

Customizing your dashboard

Click the “customize your dashboard” link on the left side of the page. You can now drag and drop icons to different sections of your dashboard.

Create a webpage:

  1. From your dashboard click the “content” tab (top left).
  2. After you click the “content” tab 1 to 7 sub‐tabs will appear depending on your account privileges.
  3. Click the “Pages” sub tab.
  4. You are now on the Page Manager page.
  5. Click “Add a New Page”.

Manage a Page


This will be the title of the page. It will appear at the top of the content area of the page, in the browsers title bar and will be used to create the URL (address).


A brief description of the page.


The Description will be displayed in the main content area of the page.

Show in Navigation

If checked, this page will be added to the site's main navigation.


Decides the place in the navigation. For items shown in navigation, after saving, it can only be moved from the navigation manager.

Header Image

All pages must have a header. Work with Kris to develop these images. All header images use “banner‐“ as a prefix. The default header image is “banner‐default”, but multiple banners are provided for different sections of the webpage.


Most pages use the “secondary‐default” with the exception of athletics, news, rampage, and library.


For more info on logging in, creating, and editing a webpage in MonkCMS, download the Getting Started guide under "Documents".



A step-by-step guide to logging in, creating, and editing pages in MonkCMS:

A breakdown of who is responsible for what:

Descriptions of the website supporting roles:


The CMS is updated periodically, and you can view the most recent updates to our CMS.

View Updates


BC Video Tutorials:

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Adding a Form using the WYSIWG

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Formatting Pictures and Captions in an Article

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Resizing and Cropping Pictures for Articles 

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 Adding an Event using the CMS

Need Help?


Check out the MonkCMS Documentation and Help Manual page.

Monk Video Tutorials

Tired of reading? Check out a few of MonkCMS's Video Tutorials.

Still have questions?

If you still need help, or don't have a Username and Password, please email Sam Magyar, she will be happy to help!