BC Seal - Print

Bluefield College Logo - print quality use with any print or screen application.

Bluefield College logo files are available in CMYK, RGB, grayscale, and black and white color formats. They are also available in the following file formats, each for different purposes and applications.

-- .eps files: These vector files can be resized infinitely without changing the quality of the artwork; best to use for posters, banners, and any unique applications like embroidery or coffee mugs. These are the files you will send to a professional printer for editing and printing. Also, the two-color versions of the logo are in this format and will provide the most consistent color output when printing with PMS spot color inks. Use Adobe Illustrator or any other vector based program to access and/or edit the .eps files.

-- .tif files: These raster files are used mainly for printing; they will give high quality images at this resolution, and can be brought into programs like Publisher or Word, but cannot be resized at a larger size without losing quality. These files are set in a CMYK and Grayscale setting for printing. You can also use the Black and White files in this format for faxing and other instances where the logo's halftone shades will not work. The colors within a .tif file may preview oddly in Windows.

-- .jpg files: These raster files are best for web and screen applications; for use on websites, the file may be reduced, but not enlarged without losing quality. These files are set in the RGB color mode.




Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - download

CMYK - Tif File (.tif) - download

Pantone - JPG File (.jpg) - download

Pantone - Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) - download

Reversed - Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) - download