NOSW Application

New Opportunity School for Women Application
General Information

Please read and follow the directions carefully. If a question does not apply to you, write in the blank “not applicable” or “N/A”.


Driver's License*

Health Insurance*

Medical Card*

Information requested is voluntary. It will not be used in making an admissions decision, but is collected for Institutional research and reporting purposes.

Educational Experience

Please list and give the dates of any high schools, colleges, business, or vocational schools that you have attended and degrees or certificates awarded to you, including a GED.

Job Experience

List any jobs that you have held since high school and the approximate date you held the job. Briefly describe your duties in each position. Please start with your most recent work experience.

Are you currently employed?*

Have you previously had career courses or career counseling?*

Have you applied to a college or vocational school within the last year? *

Have you been accepted?



Because the New Opportunity School seeks to serve those of limited financial resources, income will be a strong consideration in choosing participants for the program. (Be prepared to submit recent tax forms if requested.)

For example: your work, your husband’s work, alimony, welfare benefits, etc.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor by any court, including local, state, federal, or military?*

I give my permission for a background check.*

If selected, I agree to attend the entire three-week program of the New Opportunity School for Women and participate fully in all scheduled activities.*

Letters of Reccomendation

Attach to this application two letters of recommendation from people who know you well (i.e. ministers, teachers, employers, social workers, volunteer coordinators, or relatives). Please ask that they describe their relationship to you, how long they have known you, and why they feel you would be a good candidate for this program. They should also include their contact information and phone number on their letter.


Please write one or more pages about why you want to attend the New Opportunity School for Women and how you think it will help you. Feel free to discuss any unique circumstances that you think merit consideration. Without this personal statement and two letters of recommendation, your application will not be considered.