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Why Study Psychology at a Christian College?

Christian liberal arts, psychologyBecause of its unique size, Bluefield College offers students a unique opportunity to work alongside professors with their terminal degree in small class settings. This allows for students and their professors to engage in meaningful dialogue and student/mentor relationships that will impact them throughout their careers, not just throughout their time at Bluefield College.

The average class size at Bluefield College is 15 and our student to faculty ration is 13:1. These things are important, because toward the end of your college career, you will be applying for graduate school, internships, and jobs. For each of these things, you will need recommendations. By building meaningful relationships in small classrooms, our professors are able to write strong recommendations for their students because they have gotten to know them throughout their time at the school.

Another resource that our students can use to help them navigate our Psychology major would be our website. On our Psychology website, there are two links on the side of the page. One says “outcomes” and another says “internships." The “internships” link will show various internships that Bluefield College students have went on to take part in during their time at the school. Also, the “outcomes” link will show various jobs that Bluefield College students have went on to do with their Psychology degree.

The psychology department at Bluefield College supports the mission of the College to transform students’ hearts, minds, and lives as it engages them in the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Students develop a broad based appreciation for the multiple perspectives currently active in the discipline, develop the intellectual ability to evaluate the potential of psychological constructs to inform real life decisions, and prepare to pursue graduate study if they so choose. In short, the psychology department at Bluefield exists to “enable students to pursue their dreams through the behavioral sciences.”

The department has an excellent history of placing graduates in diverse graduate programs at such locations as California State University, Tulane University, Marshall University, Gardner-Webb University, Southeastern Theological Seminary, Radford University, Liberty University, etc. Other graduates are working in the fields of health and human services, education, and corrections. All graduates in the last five years who desired to either pursue advanced degrees or seek employment in social service-related fields have been successful in doing so.

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