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Why Choose A Sports Science Degree?

Exercise and Sport ScienceOne of the more popular majors at Bluefield College is our Exercise and Sport Science Degree. This major includes three different concentrations:

  • Sport Medicine
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Science: Teacher Licensure

Because of our unique size, the Bluefield College Exercise and Sport Science degree allows the student to have a maximum amount of one-on-one interaction with his or her professor. During your Junior and Senior years of college, you’ll be applying to jobs, internships, and possibly graduate school. No matter which one of these you choose, you’ll need excellent recommendations to be a competitive applicant. In a smaller class size, you’ll develop relationships with professors that will allow them to write personalized recommendations that will make you stand out in your application processes.

One of the best tools that you can use to get information on the Exercise and Sport Science degree program at Bluefield College is our website. At the bottom of the website, there are two links. One of them says “Outcomes” and the other says “Internships." The internships link will show you a list of internships that Bluefield College ESS students have taken part in over the years. The outcomes link will show a list of jobs and careers that Bluefield College students have went on to pursue. This is a great tool to utilize to see what Bluefield College students are doing with their degrees in Exercise and Sport Science. You can see this program at the following link: Bluefield College Exercise and Sport Science Program.

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