Why a Christian Psychology Degree Might Make Sense For You

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A lot of people believe that one takes a psychology class because they want to diagnose themselves or help somebody else. Those people are usually ones that do not look any further into psychology and may never take a class. I took a psychology class in order to grow as a person and understand others even when they don’t understand themselves. My classes have taught me ideas, theories and concepts in a whole new perspective. In Positive Psychology class we have taken our already intelligent minds and have opened them up to a whole new understanding of life.

Being a Business major at Bluefield College requires me to take Introduction to Psychology and that’s it. However, I realized that Psychology and Business go hand in hand even more than I thought. So instead of taking some elective such as visual arts, theatre appreciation or art appreciation, I decided to see what other Psychology classes Bluefield College had to offer. I wanted to learn more about this discipline. I wanted to dig deeper into studying behavior and why we act the way we do.

I am currently taking a class called “Positive Psychology." We study the human mind in regards to happiness and healthy lifestyles and relationships. As many business students know, one factor in success is maintaining a positive relationship with one's customers. To do this you cannot just say “please”, “thank you” and make sure you are always polite. Taking Positive Psychology helped me learn how to create a positive atmosphere, which in turn will contribute to great outcomes for the business. To succeed in building positive relationships, one must understand the human mind and behavior. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior.

The classes that I’ve taken at Bluefield College have helped me in areas such as finding out my true strengths, personality, the human mind and behavior, and have helped me understand the development of people at different ages. My class and I were challenged to consider the Christian perspective on happiness and ways our personal faith impacts the subjective well-being. As previously mentioned, this experience has helped me gain a new perspective on analyzing myself and others. This is a small example how this Liberal Arts College has given me a broad based appreciation for the multiple viewpoints that are active in the discipline of psychology. Consider choosing a christian psychology degree. You won't regret it.

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