What Is It Like to Earn a Sport Medicine Degree with Bluefield College?

Exercise and Sport Science, Liberal arts

One of Bluefield College’s most popular degree programs is Exercise and Sport Science. The program cultivates minds and allows them go after their dream careers in the fields of exercise, wellness, sport science, sport management, and leisure studies. You can go many different routes with a sport medicine degree, as it is a versatile degree. At Bluefield College you will take more core liberal arts and science courses, which will help you get a well-rounded education. Exercise and Sport Science majors will also have opportunities to take part in internships before they graduate.

Getting an Exercise and Sport Science degree may include covering areas such as kinesiology, exercise physiology, movement science, fitness and wellness. All of this can be attained at Bluefield College. Students that earn an Exercise and Sport Science degree have the opportunity to go into three different concentrations: sport medicine concentration, sport management concentration, and teacher licensure. As previously mentioned, students will be able to take part in internships. This is true for all of these concentrations.

At Bluefield College, the exploration of these internships can take place as early as a student’s freshman or sophomore year. The great thing about exploring early is that the student can start to decide if the concentration is a good fit for them. By a Bluefield College student’s junior and senior year, the student will have had the great opportunity to take an internship. Internships will not only increase the knowledge of the student because of hands-on learning, but the experience will look wonderful on a student’s resume after graduation. These internships vary from medical centers to classrooms, even to either of our two fairly local minor league baseball teams.

Bluefield College’s Sport Medicine program is adaptable to individual needs and career goals. Students may personalize their Sport Medicine program to pursue careers in Therapeutic Exercise, Health Prevention, Personal Training, Wellness and Fitness, and Strength and Conditioning. Students also have the option to augment their program in favor of graduate school preparation for physical therapy school, occupational therapy school, medical school, and master’s level exercise physiology programs.

With the Sport Management Concentration at Bluefield College, students thoroughly go over views and principles of sport management. Students prepare to organize, administer and facilitate sport programs at the corporate, agency, professional and amateur levels. Real-world opportunities are provided within a theoretical framework to develop knowledge and skills relevant to the performance of these functions.

The third concentration, Sport Science with Teacher Licensure, is typically achieved by majoring in Exercise and Sport Science and getting the teacher licensure through Bluefield College’s School of Education.

Exercise and Sport Science majors are encouraged to join the American College of Sports Medicine if they concentrate in Sport Medicine, and the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, and Dance if they concentrate in teaching. If they select Sport Management, they are encouraged to join the North American Society of Sport Management. These organizations have local, regional and national conferences where modern research in Exercise and Sport Science is presented and discussed, vendors services offered, and career services made accessible.

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