Want to change the future? Study in a Teacher Education Program

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I’ve heard it said that ‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.’ Though the author of this truism is unknown, he/she couldn’t be more correct. Additionally, Henry Brooks Adams adds that ‘Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.’

The profession of educating our youth is both noble and essential to achieve future growth and success. Educators are the instructors, influencers, and mind-shapers of tomorrow’s generation. Without quality educators, we can’t hope to progress on par or ahead of our peers around the globe. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011, employment of teachers is expected to grow by 13% between 2008 and 2018. Additionally, there is an especially significant call for teachers in high-need high schools.

If you are still undecided about what to study at the collegiate level, why not consider a teacher education program? Whether you are teaching high school biology to juniors and seniors, or teaching elementary school students the basics of math, English, and history, the education field can be both challenging and rewarding. Pursuing a degree and career in education means pursuing the opportunity to educate the future generations to come.

The Bluefield College School of Education offers a nationally accredited program where students can earn a bachelor’s degree and complete the requirements for a Virginia teaching license in four years. Enrolled students will gain valuable student teaching experience through hours of hands-on classroom experience in a number of educational settings throughout the area. This classroom experience allows students to explore the diversity of different classroom environments that they may teach in once they complete the program.

In addition, the School of Education boasts nearly a perfect record when it comes to graduates who are employed within their field of study after six months following graduation. 91 percent of the graduates from the last two years are currently employed as elementary or high school teachers. Scattered throughout the state of Virginia, many of these graduates have also earned their master’s degrees from Bluefield College, and have been honored recipients of the Teacher of the Year awards for their successes.

These graduates are paving the way for future generations of students to achieve their goals. Whether it is in the medical field or on the stage, the success of today’s students is a direct result of the teachers they had as children. Consider making an impact by choosing a teacher education program.

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