Variety of Career Choices Available With an English Major

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Every major at Bluefield College is designed to equip you for a fulfilling life. Our academic programs offer you the chance to explore, and our Online Degree Program offers a convenient learning experience. Our professors will gladly talk with you about the possibilities of a Christ-centered liberal arts education together with career-oriented programs.

Our faculty awaken their students’ intellectual curiosity, and they give their students the tools to satisfy that curiosity. Highly qualified professors with a deep commitment to our Christian heritage are the lifeblood of Bluefield academics, and small class sizes give our students greater access to them. Bluefield professors think of themselves as mentors, not distant figures spouting knowledge from the front of the room, but guides who come alongside their students and help them grow into the thinkers they have been made to be. This rings true across the board, including in the English department.

The English Major at Bluefield College offers students training for a variety of careers including Journalism, Public Relations, Technical Writing, Teaching, as well as a solid foundation for students pursuing graduate school in Law, Communications and English. Student interns can also gain hands-on publishing experience working for the college literary magazine, The Bluestone Review. Small seminars allow students to develop their communication skills and have opportunities to freely ask spiritual and intellectual questions.

The major offers two concentrations: Literature (stressing a comprehensive understanding of British, American and World Literatures), and Writing (offering courses in both creative and professional writing). The department stresses interdisciplinary learning, offering courses paired with other departments such as Psychology, History and Christian Studies. Most writing courses are taught in computer labs, and students have ample opportunities to write in the classroom.

As Lydia Freeman, Class of 2013 says, "Throughout my four years at Bluefield College, I grew in my passion for both learning and writing. Being an English major helped me to refine my ability to communicate through the written word."

Career Opportunities for English majors include:

  • Information Specialist
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Translator Journalist
  • Critic Educational
  • Writer
  • Editor

Positions held by alumni:

  • Education Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Technical Writing
  • Magazine Editing

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