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Shared Beliefs are a Vital Aspect of Christian Colleges

Reasons to attend a Christian college

During my college career I started off by going to a secular school. My experience with that school ultimately led me to search for a Christian college to transfer to. After some thought about transferring schools, I made the decision to transfer to a Christian campus. Colleges strengthen and challenge you academically, but Christian colleges strengthen you both academically and spiritually. Naturally I was nervous about moving into a new environment, but I felt a peace at the same time, knowing that I was moving to a place where my future peers would have the same core beliefs I have. That was the change I wanted. That was the change I received.

A lot of times in life the choice of the environment you live in is up to you. Though I was trying to be grounded in my beliefs and morals, being in the midst of people that were not on the same page as me was hard to ignore. I was constantly turning down invitations to go get drunk and party all night before an exam, along with other situations people were tempting me with. I am glad I had the strength to say “no," but I did not like to be in the atmosphere at all. When coming to a Christian college I was in a completely opposite atmosphere. I thrived! I was in an atmosphere where peers were lifting each other up, got together for devotions and where we could just simply fellowship with each other.

Being a Christian is no walk in the park, especially in today’s world. Being a college student isn’t easy either. However, when you go to a Christian college all of this becomes a little easier than what you may have thought. We’re all in this together. When I had experienced some moments in my life when I needed words of encouragement and words of advice, not only did I receive kind words from my friends, but even from my professors. We (Christians) are called to love our neighbors. We are called to help each other in times of need. We are told to be Christ-like. That is something that you will find at Christian colleges more commonly than any other type of college you will look at.

As you look around for colleges, please remember the importance of those that surround you. You may check out a secular college that seems nice and have a nice environment but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a great fit for you. The faculty, staff, and students on Christian campuses are rooted in God’s word, and the word of God will stand forever. When a Christian school has built themselves on God’s word, they will produce positive outcomes and great fruit. Consider being lifted up, encouraged, academically challenged, and poured into at a Christian college.

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