Psychology Degree Provides a Strong Foundation for Future Career

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No matter what career field you see yourself in, having a strong foundation is key to your success in your chosen vocation. Whether you want to go straight into the workforce after you graduate college, or whether you want to continue your education with a master's degree or even a doctorate level degree, the foundation you have during the first four years of your college career will be critical for your development. This is why it is important for you to place yourself in a position to succeed. By receiving your degree in psychology from a small, private, Christian college, you will receive a high quality education, valuable relationships with your professors, smaller class sizes that allow for a focused experience inside the classroom, and a Christian worldview that will prepare you to work in either a Christian or non-Christian setting.

The education you receive at a small, private, Christian college will be a high quality one. At Bluefield College, over 70% of our faculty have received terminal degrees in their field of study. They have committed their lives to their field and have experience not only teaching in the field of psychology, but also have real world working experience that they are able to share inside the classroom. Essentially, the psychology department at Bluefield exists to “enable students to pursue their dreams through the behavioral sciences."

By coming to a smaller school, you will also have the opportunity to work in a smaller setting that will allow for you to receive the attention that you deserve. With an average class size of 15 and a student to faculty ratio of 13:1, Bluefield College gives students the chance to know their professors on a personal level. This class size and ratio are important because during the students’ junior and senior year, they will be applying to jobs, internships, and graduate school. For each of these things, recommendations are needed. Being in a smaller class allows the student to get more personal recommendations that they might not be able to get in a large class at a larger school.

Having a Christian worldview as you go into the workforce is very important. Being able to stand in your faith and know what you believe will mean a lot in a world where not all organizations or offices are composed of Christians. At Bluefield College, professors are dedicated to their faith and integrate that into the classroom. While visiting campus, it is not rare to hear a professor praying before class, reading from the Bible, or taking prayer requests from students. This kind of mindset from our professors sets us apart from other state institutions and provides the students with a Christian emphasized worldview as they go through their college career.

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