Possibilities With a Major in Forensic Science

Forensic scienceWhether you want to work in the field or in the lab, Bluefield College’s Forensic Science program has a place for you!

Working alongside professors in the fields of Chemistry, Criminal Justice, and other areas of study, the Bluefield College Forensic Science program will prepare you for the workforce or graduate school – whichever you may choose. The goal of the Forensic Science program is to provide a superior educational experience that develops foundational concepts, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and laboratory technique. These reinforcing, progressive experiences through the four-year curriculum are designed to propel the graduate into independent, successful work in the physical world with appropriate communication skills for the discipline.

While in the Bluefield College Forensic Science program, students will also have the chance to gain experience in the field. Hundreds of Forensic Science internship programs are offered throughout the nation every summer. Bluefield College students are assisted by the Forensic Science advisor with applications to these numerous opportunities. Examples include a summer internship with NCIS, as well as with Bluefield (VA) police department officers who coordinate with Forensic Science majors for local internship opportunities. These opportunities will no doubt prove to be valuable in both graduate school and the workforce.

Networking opportunities are also available in this major! Chemistry majors with a concentration in Forensic Science are encouraged to join the American Chemical Society which has local, regional, and national conferences where modern research in chemistry is presented and discussed, vendors offer services, and career services can be accessed.

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