One Student's Story of How an Affordable Christian College Changed His Life

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As I was applying to colleges and universities in my senior year of high school, only one question caught my attention. “How will I pay for this?”

However, that did not stop me from applying to eight great schools, only to realize that all eight accepted me and offered various scholarships, Bluefield College being $24,000.

Now you may ask yourself how I ended up choosing Bluefield College. The $24,000 just included my academic scholarship, which is divided into four years, causing each academic year to have $6,000 in academic scholarship. My scholarships for Bluefield kept increasing once I applied to specific department scholarships. The Art Department offered me $4,000 because my art portfolio was highly advanced. Besides the academic and art department scholarships, I was offered a BC Access Scholarship ($5,850), the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant ($3,100), and an Ambassador Work Scholarship ($500).

In addition, not only did I receive a $1,000 scholarship from a program months prior for participating in and winning a talent show, but the government had offered me a Pell grant of $1,025, a federal supplementary opportunity grant of $800, federal work study for $1,000, and a loan of $5,500 per year. I would never have been able to pay for college if it weren’t for these scholarships, grants, and loans. My family suffers financially every year, considering we help our family back in El Salvador with their expenses. After I told them my first year only came down to $4,200, not only were they satisfied, but they were so thrilled they were going to finally send one of their kids to college – their kid who worked constantly, day and night, to improve himself academically, spiritually, and physically.

I have become my parents’ true sign of hope. Graduating from high school itself was a huge accomplishment, but now I get to see their faces shine once I receive my bachelor’s degree in Art and Communication. However, nothing came easy or was handed to me. As stated before, I have worked hard to get where I am today. Thus, one of the things I tell others to do, which I did, is to communicate. I communicated and asked for scholarships, was denied often, but then Bluefield College showed up on my list. The faculty and staff at Bluefield gave me hope. It is an affordable Christian college. The workers here are truly passionate about helping others; because in the end, they all want you to succeed, and of course make the college experience and degree affordable.

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