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Recently, the field of Forensic Science has become one of the more popular ones for prospective students to be interested in while making their college choices. With the rise of hit television shows like Law and Order, CSI, and others, working in the field of crime scene investigations, criminal justice, and forensic science has been more and more intriguing. In the state of Virginia, only a small number of colleges offer Forensic Science as a specific major. Other schools may offer coursework in the subject area, or may even offer it as a minor, but not many will offer it as a major. Thankfully, Bluefield College is one of those schools.

Criminal Justice major, Forensic Science majorWhether you want to work in the field as a Crime Scene investigator or you want to work in the lab, Bluefield College can help you with the framework of your education that will help you get to where you want to go. While in the Forensic Science major, you will take a variety of classes, from Chemistry, to Criminal Justice, to Biology, and other areas of study. This is to make sure that you are well rounded in regards to your education and will ensure that you are ready to move on to the next stage whenever you finish your four years at Bluefield College.

Bluefield College boasts one of the best Criminal Justice programs in the entire state. Feel free to check out our website to see some recent accolades of the Criminal Justice program! Because the two fields are so closely related, Forensic Science majors will take Criminal Justice courses while in school, as well.

Like many other areas of study at Bluefield, the College of Sciences, almost all of the professors hold their terminal degree in their field of study – 87.5%! If you major in one of the sciences at Bluefield College, you can be sure that your classes will be taught by only the best and brightest in their field. They have real world experience and will be able to bring that into the classroom to make sure that you are ready to go out into the world whenever you graduate.

Whether you want to be a Crime Lab Analyst, Crime Scene Examiner, Social Scientist, or one of the many other professions that are related to the field of Forensic Science, Bluefield College can help lay the foundation and give you the education you need to either a) go directly to graduate school and continue your studies after graduation, or, b) go into the workforce and start your vocation. Whatever you want to do in the field of forensic science, we will do our best to make sure you are able to do so!

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