Make a Positive Impact with a Degree in Excercise and Sport Science

Just like other majors at Bluefield College, the Exercise and Sport Science program is one that will allow you to prepare yourself not only for a job after school, but for a calling that will help you impact the world in a positive way.

Exercise and Sport Science majorThe program has three different areas of concentration: Sport Science: Teacher Education, Sport Management, and Sport Medicine. No matter which one these you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a quality education under professors that are well versed in their fields of study.

From the Sport Management program under the direction of Professor Kevin Downer, who has worked within the Sport Industry for over 20 years, having owned and operated four businesses:

  • K.W.D. Communications – Sales and installation of communication operating systems
  • Mon Valley Dek Hockey – A multi-purpose sports complex
  • Keystone Sports – An athlete recruiting firm

Currently, he owns and operates Sportangles, a sport management and consulting firm.

If you choose to go into the Exercise and Sport Science field, many of your classes will be with Dr. Doug Minnix, the Chairman of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. His master’s work promoted specialization in three areas of human performance, including biochemical aspects of exercise physiology, spinal stabilization in therapeutic exercise, and cardiac rehabilitation. During graduate studies, his research focused on ramp protocols for stress testing and prospective coronary risk factors, such as waist circumference and the ear crease sign. Following graduate studies, he took the position of Clinical Program Director for the cardiopulmonary rehab and therapeutic exercise programs at Wilkes Regional Medical Center in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Dr. Minnix has also worked in the field of Occupational Medicine as a Functional Capacity Evaluator and a therapist.

Across the board, our studies receive a student to faculty ratio of approximately 14:1. Also, once you get into your “major classes,” those class sizes will become even smaller. Within the ESS program, you can see that you will receive instruction from professors that have extensive experience in their field that will allow you to ask questions, receive high quality training, and prepare yourself to go into the world and your vocation with confidence once you graduate.

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