Liberal Arts Education Provides a Firm Foundation

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If you’re looking for a Christ-centered learning community to spend four years of your life as you develop skills that will help you bring your calling into fruition, then a liberal arts education at a Christian college is for you. With both faculty and staff that are outspoken in their faith, you will constantly be surrounded by members of a Christian community that want to build you up. At Bluefield College, it is no different. Our faculty and staff are composed of Christ followers who want to see students live life and live it more abundantly (John 10:10).

Because of our identity not only as a Christian institution, but also as one that focuses on the liberal arts, we have “Goals for Student Achievement” that fit into this category. Our goals for student achievement can be described as:

Bluefield College is an inclusive Christ-centered learning community developing transformational servant leaders. The College prepares students for an enjoyable and meaningful life – one grounded in faith, adaptable to a changing global environment, and given to caring for and serving others. Bluefield College seeks to provide students a broad knowledge base in the sciences and liberal arts, competency in oral and written communication, evidence of the skills and disposition for critical thinking, an appreciation for the student’s aesthetic environment, evidence of creative behaviors, and a willingness to make healthy lifestyle choices, within the context of an understanding of the biblical narrative and having the ability to express the interrelationship between personal faith and disciple-specific knowledge, the ongoing emergence of virtue and a sense of calling, and the interconnectedness of all knowledge.

With a firm foundation of these things, you’ll be able to go out into the world and make a positive change that will impact both you and those you come into contact with.

One key aspect of a liberal arts education is the development of a well-rounded individual. Being well-rounded helps one develop and grow. At Bluefield College, we have an Honor Code that we expect our students to uphold while they are students here. These expectations will help develop our students into people that will contribute positively whenever they leave our school.

Part of the Honor Code reads:

Honor is an ideal and an obligation that exists in the human spirit and lives in the relations between human beings. An honorable person shall not lie or cheat or steal. In all scholarly work produced by community members, academic honesty is inherent and apparent, the work being the original work of the author unless credit is given through the use of citations and references. In all relationships, the college community expects respect and integrity between its members and toward all peoples and organizations. Honesty and civility are required elements of an effective learning environment. Truthfulness and respect for others are shared values of Bluefield College and are expected characteristics of its members. Students at Bluefield College commit to the ideals of integrity, individual responsibility, and mutual respect when they sign the Honor Code during the President’s Convocation. The Honor Code affirms the core values of Bluefield College to "develop students" potential through academic excellence and the intentional integration of faith, the liberal arts, and professional studies;” and to “create a caring community characterized by respect, support, and encouragement for each member of our College community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the liberal arts education at Bluefield College, the Honor Code that we hold our students to, or just want more information about our educational programs, please find out more by clicking here.

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