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English major, Liberal arts

If you are a lover of writing, words, books, grammar, and all the things that go along with these, then an undergraduate degree in English might be the best fit for you. In the Bluefield College English program, you will receive quality education and training that will prepare you not only to find a job whenever you finish your four years at Bluefield, but will also get you ready for a vocation. While many colleges want to help you be prepared for a job after college, we, at Bluefield College, want to help you find your calling – your life’s purpose. Your vocation, if you will. This sentiment holds true in all of the academic areas across the board at Bluefield College, but especially so in the English Department. With 75% of the English faculty holding their Ph.D., you are sure to be surrounded by some of the top professors in their field.

You will be sitting under professors like Dr. Rob Merritt and his desire for students to share his zeal for writing. He says, “One great pleasure I find in writing is to discover and invent pattern—in this case of my wandering.” You can also take classes from Dr. Abigail Heiniger, who has experience in teaching courses on women in literature. So, as you can see, there is a wide area that you have the chance to cover while at Bluefield.

While your education and time at Bluefield College is important, it is after your four years on the Hill that you will have the chance to go out into the world and find, as has been mentioned earlier, your calling. With a degree in English from Bluefield College, your options truly are endless. Whether you are looking to become an editor, a writer, a journalist, or go directly to Grad School, we can prepare you for that. We even have a graduate (Lydia Freeman, Class of 2013) from the program that was chosen to be a part of the prestigious “Teach for America” program where she now works as a teacher in rural North Carolina. Lydia said of her time at Bluefield College, “Throughout my four years at Bluefield College, I grew in my passion for both learning and writing. Being an English major helped me to refine my ability to communicate through the written word."

While our professors in the program (and the students, in many cases) come from all different backgrounds (social, geographic, and others), there is one thread that connects them. All of the professors in the program have a love for Bluefield College. They truly believe in the mission of this small, private, liberal arts college, whose Christ-centered education will prepare students to go out into the world and be transformed into servant leaders that make a positive impact in the communities that they end up in.

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