Christian Psychology Major: News from the Department of Psychology at Bluefield College

Psychology, Liberal arts

This has been an amazing fall semester for the Department of Psychology at Bluefield College. It has been a semester full of learning and fellowship.

One new development in the Department of Psychology this semester is the launch of the Not Alone Program. This program is a wonderful addition to the Department of Psychology; the program focuses on educating students about relational abuse, as well as many other topics such as rape prevention and how the victims are not at fault. By spreading this message, we are establishing a support system for any victims of violence on campus. There are exciting plans in the works for this program next semester, as well, including more seminars about topics that are important to students.

Another interesting part of our Christian psychology program here at Bluefield College is the Positive Psychology course. This course is an amazing addition to any students list of classes. The class talks about different methods of positive psychology and many students finish this course with a more positive outlook. This class also covers how to manage and relieve stress. One of the best methods that we discussed in class was counting three blessings that happened throughout the day just before you go to bed. This was a topic we covered closer to the end of the semester and there are several research projects in progress about this exercise at the moment. This exercise, I have found, improves your mood not only when you are going to sleep, but also when you wake up in the morning: you have a brighter outlook on the day to come. Another important topic that this course covers is healthy relationships and how important they are to a healthy lifestyle. I would suggest that anyone who wants to gain a more positive outlook on life at Bluefield College consider taking this course.

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