Careers Available with a Degree in Psychology

PsychologyHere at Bluefield College, the Department of Psychology seeks to challenge its students to develop a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual as well as the harmony of creation.

There are many descriptive models in the discipline that explain how we learn, how we remember, why we are motivated, why we react the way we do to stress, how we respond to the presence of others, who we perceive and portray ourselves to be, why some of us struggle to cope with our environment, how we can assist those in need of mental well-being, and a host of other similar questions. The broad and diverse backgrounds our faculty brings to the classroom, the dining hall, the student center, and the hallways – result in conversations reflecting a rich environment of experience and expertise.

You are invited to join these conversations and learn about the exciting and robust world of behavior and mental experience.

Students majoring in Psychology, like other Bluefield College students, must satisfy all General Education requirements of the school. This portion of their education provides a broad base of knowledge, communication skills, intellectual abilities, and moral enlightenment necessary for anyone to successfully impact the world after college.

The major prepares students to enter the world after graduation equipped with a basic understanding of human behavior and interaction valuable in a host of entry level occupations. Many students decide that graduate study is necessary to satisfy their professional and/or personal goals and the major makes a special effort to ensure that students are adequately prepared to apply and be accepted at the graduate school of their choice.

What psychologists do:

  • Conduct research investigating human behavior and mental processes
  • Study and contribute to the improvement of educational systems
  • Provide services to people with mental illnesses or substance-related disorders
  • Develop, provide, and manage services for troubled individuals
  • Study and contribute to the efficacy of the work environment
  • Become managers in the public and private sectors

In fact, psychology majors are prepared to pursue a variety of careers after graduation, as they are well-versed in the knowledge of human behavior, the fundamental attribute of most human enterprises.

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