Advantages of a Liberal Arts Education

Since she was established in 1922, Bluefield College has been in active covenant with the Baptist General Association of Virginia. The integration of faith is something that our students find not only in our chapel services on Wednesday morning (where they have heard from notable speakers, such as Clayton King) or before athletic events (which typically begin with a prayer at mid-court or mid-field), but it is something that is found permeating throughout campus. It is not unheard of to hear a professor asking for prayer requests before class as you walk throughout Lansdell Hall (Bluefield College’s oldest building) or to see one of our professors preaching at a local church on a Sunday morning. It’s also common to see our students becoming actively involved with campus ministries.

Liberal arts, Christian liberal artsOur athletes (and other students, as well) actively participate in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Small group Bible studies are also very common on campus. Womens’ Bible Studies, as well as Mens’ Bible Studies, happen on a regular basis and give our students a way to gather together with people they share interests with and dig deeper into God’s word, seeking to find His will for their lives. The week of Valentine’s Day is also a popular one on campus. Each night there is a talk on campus that talks about the romantic relationship and how it relates to our relationship with God and the Bible. There is a talk on dating, a talk on marriage, and even a question and answer session, where guys and girls are separated and allowed to ask questions freely about God’s purpose in their dating relationships.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Elevate (a student-lead worship service), and YoungLife are also different ministries that our students are involved in. If you have a heart for high school students and wish to participate in a ministry for students at local schools, then YoungLife would be a great place to be involved. If you enjoy gathering with your peers on a regular basis to worship and study the word of God, then we have Elevate (student lead worship).

From the moment you step on campus throughout the school year, you can tell that there is a love for not only education and young people, but also God and his creation. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia, Bluefield College is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is easy to fall in love with God’s creation and see what he has made.

The Bluefield College family is an inclusive one that welcomes all with open arms and wants to see our students know God and to fulfill his purpose for their lives. Our students, faculty, and staff all have a deep passion for education and seeing God work in great ways on campus.

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