A Liberal Arts Education Encourages Your Growth

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One great thing about a liberal arts education is the fact that the curriculum and learning reaches across the spectrum. Even better than that, a Christian Liberal Arts education is one that is Christ-centered and will prepare you to find the calling that God has placed on your life.

A unique way that we, at Bluefield College, integrate the "Christian Liberal Arts” aspect of the curriculum is through the Bluefield Core. The Bluefield Core is a series of classes, taken in sequential order (from freshman to senior years) that has been developed to help you find your calling in life.

Here is a look at the “Bluefield Core” and its purpose in the Liberal Arts Education experience at Bluefield College:

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable or praiseworthy—if anything is admirable or praiseworthy—think on such things.” (Philippians 4:8)

With these words in mind the College has very purposefully created its general education curriculum beginning with the mission statement above. The foundation of this curriculum is the Bluefield Core, a series of courses unique to Bluefield College. These courses are designed to invite students into this community where curiosity and wonder are celebrated. Students are encouraged to engage in sincere self-examination and begin to develop their personal sense of calling as well as identify and respond to the needs of the world. Finally, students are informed about the relationship among physical well-being, mental acuity, broad-based knowledge, and spiritual identity.

Courses in the program include:

Invitation to Inquiry: This course introduces the student to the community of inquiry represented by the faculty and students here at Bluefield and similar institutions around the world. Students are invited into a reflective and thoughtful discussion about a host of intellectually stimulating and timely topics by the College’s faculty in hope that the innate desire to know and to wonder will be rekindled. Students meet in the aggregate once weekly in a Community Session and are introduced to a significant topic in one of the many disciplines that together define an institution of higher learning.

Personal Wellness: Study of health needs and current health problems for the individual and community designed to foster understanding of attitudes and skills needed to make choices leading to increased quality and quantity of life.

Personal Wellness Lab: The lab portion of the course affords experiential and practical application of contemporary wellness theory and positive heath behaviors. Students assess, design and engage in preventative, holistic, and individualized health & fitness programs.

Character Formation: This course is designed to encourage students to cultivate personal character as they reflect on the lives of past and present transformational leaders and reflect upon their own gifts and their own sense of calling.

Civic and Global Response: This course encourages students to explore their place in the world community, identify ways in which their actions can affect this community, and develop a personal response that contributes to the creation of social value. Students will be engaged with the efforts of local social organizations, while critically evaluating emerging social issues.

As you can see, Bluefield College is committed to the Christian Liberal Arts aspect of a very well-rounded education that our students receive. While The Bluefield Core is not the only way that we integrate this aspect, it is certainly one of the biggest and most effective. For more information, please inquire about us on our website by clicking here.

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