A Degree In Forensic Science – Many Potential Careers

Forensic Science, Liberal artsBecause of its size, Bluefield College offers unique opportunities that you may not receive at a larger institution. With right around 1,000 students enrolled, Bluefield boasts an average class size of 15 and a student to teacher ratio of 14:1. Because of this, students are given a lot of one-on-one interaction with their professors. This is very important, because during your junior and senior years, you will probably be applying for either internships, jobs, or graduate school. For each of these, you will need recommendations.

In smaller classroom settings, professors have taken the time and gotten the chance to know you on a deeper level and will be able to write more in-depth recommendations that will help you with those applications. Our small class sizes also allows for us to proudly proclaim that absolutely none of our classes are being taught by graduate students. Classes are taught by faculty, a majority of whom have the terminal degree in their field.

The faculty in the Forensic Science major (as a part of the Chemistry program) are well-trained and well-educated to make sure that you are prepared for a career in the field. Whether you want to work out in the field with a more hands-on approach, or you want more lab-based work, dealing with research, a degree in Forensic Science from Bluefield College can set up the foundation for your future success.

While the Forensic Science program at Bluefield College is a rigorous one, it is also one that has many potential outcomes. Positions that can be obtained with a Forensic Science major through the Chemistry program range from Crime Lab Analyst to Statistician. Because the outcomes have such a wide range, so do the classes taken while in school. As a part of the Bluefield College Forensic Science program, students take a variety of courses that will prepare them for a career in the field.

Some of the classes in this program will be in the field of Chemistry to give the student a solid foundation in lab work. Some of the classes will be in the Criminal Justice department to give students a perspective from that side of the field of Forensic Science. The Bluefield College Criminal Justice major is one of the more recognized ones in the state of Virginia. Because of this, our students know that they will be getting a well-rounded, high quality education.

At Bluefield College, our 44 academic offerings are designed to help all students realize their greatest potential in service to God, their countries, their communities, and themselves. Furthermore, the curriculum of the college endeavors to equip its students for life by blending a strong core of liberal arts studies with career-oriented programs under the umbrella of a Biblical worldview.

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