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A Christian Curriculum is the Core of Christian Colleges

Reasons to attend a Christian college

If you look at the college landscape across the United States, you will notice that the Christian worldview is quickly becoming a less and less popular one to have. Whether it is learning the role of a Christian in our society or something as simple as praying before class, being a Christian on a college campus today has never been so vital.

Because of these things, having an education that is grounded in Christ and a Christian worldview is of utmost importance. While you may be able to get the book knowledge of certain areas of study at an institution that has no Christian affiliation, you probably won’t get the integration of faith that is so vital to the education of a Christian. With the core of your education being grounded in the Christian faith, you will not only be ready to face an ever-changing workforce, you will be able to do so with a Christian worldview, allowing you to face each day with a Biblically-grounded education.

A core Christian curriculum should revolve around Biblical study, including study of the New and Old Testaments and a study of church history. Other aspects of the core curriculum should include courses that develop your passions and skills into a calling that honors Christ. Lastly, you should find in any core-Christian curriculum, at least one course that is focused on engaging those who are outside of the family of believers. As Christians, we are called to impact our culture for Christ, and any good Christian core curriculum should include a community and globally-minded course that is focused around that outreach.

Additionally, while looking at schools that have a curriculum that is grounded in faith, look to see how this curriculum develops you as a person in various different areas. Look to see how professors integrate their faith in the classroom and how their teaching will help you to serve Christ in whatever vocation you decide to follow in life. Another thing to look at throughout the college search process is the engagement of the students in the classroom. While on college visits, take the chance to sit in on a class or two. Watch other students and see how they interact with each other and the professor. Notice how the curriculum and classroom in a Christian college are put in place to develop well-rounded Christian men and women so that they can go out into the world and make a positive impact.

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