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Bluefield College is a Christ-centered college in covenant with the Baptist General Association of Virginia since its founding in 1922.

We are intentional with our commitment to the liberal arts tradition, while equipping students with the necessary creative, critical, and technical skills needed for a global economy. We are privileged to live and learn at the base of East River Mountain in beautiful Southwest Virginia. Creativity thrives. Thinking abounds. Skills are honed. Spiritually is nurtured and lives are changed. Come join us!

Internships and Exercise and Sport Science Major

Are you an athlete? Do you have an interest in sports? Do you have an interest in becoming an athletic trainer, a physical therapist, or something else related? If so, then the Exercise and Sport Science major at Bluefield College may be the right course of study for you! Since 1922, Bluefield...

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Advantages of a Liberal Arts Education

Since she was established in 1922, Bluefield College has been in active covenant with the Baptist General Association of Virginia. The integration of faith is something that our students find not only in our chapel services on Wednesday morning (where they have heard from notable speakers, such...

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Psychology Benefits – No Matter Your Career Path

Psychology is defined as “the study of behavior and mind.” To many, the study of this field is one that is intriguing. Whether you want to major in psychology, minor in the subject, or just take some psychology classes with your elective credits, learning more about the mind and...

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Start Your Degree With an Online, Christ-centered, Liberal Arts College

While many students come to Bluefield College every fall for the on campus college experience, this form of education may not be the most practical for all students. Maybe you have been out of school for a number of years. Maybe you started college years ago and are wanting to go back. Maybe you...

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One of the Best Criminal Justice Programs in Virginia

Recently, the field of Forensic Science has become one of the more popular ones for prospective students to be interested in while making their college choices. With the rise of hit television shows like Law and Order, CSI, and others, working in the field of crime scene investigations, criminal...

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