Biology Major Overview

The goal of the Biology program is to offer a challenging academic experience within a diverse Christian environment, providing students with an education that prepares them for their chosen career path. The major offers two rigorous tracks of study – Biological Studies and Pre-Health Professions, both of which require students to gain knowledge in biology and related fields. Students in either track can customize their education to meet the requirements for future endeavors. The major intentionally pushes students to communicate effectively and think analytically about the natural world, societal issues, and the relationship between Christian faith and science. All students must complete a capstone project that is designed to test their critical and analytical thinking along with written and oral communication skills.

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Biology Major Internships

Bluefield College works with each student to personalize their education. In doing so, they will have the option to complete an internship directly related to their career path. Popular paths include wildlife management, forestry, environmental sciences, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and education. Internships give students insight into the daily routine of the profession they aspire to.

Bluefield Family Medicine

Bluestone Health Center

Dr. Lori Tucker, D.O.

Melrose Family Medicine

PLLC Healing Waters Counseling Center

Meshel Cardiology

PC Pro 1 Therapy Services

Raleigh General Hospital

Biology Major Outcomes

Bluefield College Biology majors are prepared for the world because they have been exposed to a variety of concepts, techniques, ideas and beliefs. Their education prepares them to conquer challenging obstacles they may experience in a variety of careers while maintaining their Christian integrity and ethical values.

Career Opportunities


Environmental Impact Analyst

Food and Drug Inspector


Laboratory Technician

Natural Resources Manager

Hospital Administrator

Public Health Assistant

Scientific Librarian





Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Marine Biologist


Quality Control Specialist


Environmental Health Educator


Medical Doctor


Physical Therapist

Research Assistant

Positions Held by Alumni


Physician’s Assistant

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist




Environmental Scientist

Marine Biologist

Molecular Biologist

Teacher Research Assistant

Graduate Schools Attended


Appalachian College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Shenandoah University

Texas A&M

University of Louisiana

University of Kentucky

University of South Carolina

University of Virginia Medical School

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

West Virginia University

Clubs and Organizations

Students are encouraged to become members of the American Institute of Biological Sciences whose mission is to “enable wise decisions in which the life sciences and society meet while building the capacity of our community to advance research and education in biology,” and The Virginia Academy of Science whose purpose is to promote scientific research and education in the state while promoting civic, agricultural, academic, industrial and commercial welfare to the people of Virginia.

Contact Information

Dr. Emily Lambert

Dean of the College of Sciences; Assistant Professor of Biology; Department Chair, Biology






Heather Thomas

Class of  2013

"Labs were the best part of my science classes at Bluefield because that's where I put learning into action. Dissecting sharks in Zoology, making clove oil in Chemistry, and doing PCR in Molecular Biology were a few of my favorite labs."