How Will I get Paid?

Students who are awarded Federal Work-Study funds are notified of this information on their financial aid award letter.

These funds are limited and are awarded based upon demonstrated need and fund availability. Students will also receive email correspondence from financial aid staff in BC Central regarding deadlines and it is the student’s responsibility to make certain they are monitoring their emails.

Work-Study students are paid on an hourly rate, submit time sheets to their supervisor, and are paid on the fifteenth of each month. Work-Study checks are available to be picked up in BC Central on the last day of the month; however, students may submit an email if they would like to request the check be mailed.

Part-time student employment is limited and students may contact Bluefield College’s Human Resource Department if they do not qualify for Federal Work-Study and would like to pursue this option. Part-time student workers receive their checks in BC Central on the fifteenth and the last day of each month.

Students do have the option to endorse their check and have it be applied to their student account balance. Click for more information on Federal Work-Study.