How to Obtain Your Credit Check Disbursement

Students who have an anticipated credit on their student account may submit a check requisition form in order to obtain a check from the College as soon as the funds disburse to their account.

This form may be obtained in BC Central, MyBC, or from our Forms and Resources page. Students may submit it in person, by faxing it to BC Central at 276.326.4356, or by emailing it to us at .

In order for a student to receive the actual credit on their account, this form should be submitted each semester for traditional students and each term for our online students. Students with federal funds on their account do not have to submit this form. Per federal guidelines, any credit created by federal funds will have a scheduled disbursement fourteen (14) days after the credit is created.

Students have the option to obtain their check in BC Central or have it mailed to their address. Students wishing to have their check overnighted to their residence have the option to select either Saturday delivery or standard overnight delivery. The charge for overnight delivery of the check will be deducted from the check prior to it being issued.

For students who have a parent plus loan on their account, a student account authorization form must be completed by the parent on the loan. This form is located on MyBC, may be obtained in BC Central, or on the Forms and Resources page. It provides the parent on the loan the opportunity to have the credit check mailed to them at their address or to be given to the student in BC Central. Credits on student accounts with a parent plus loan who do not have a student account authorization on file, will result in the check being mailed to the parent within the federal guideline time frame. The student account authorization form also provides written authorization for any credit to be left on the student account for the balance of the academic year. Accounts payable issues checks on Fridays and the check requisition form must be submitted to BC Central by noon on Wednesday in order to allow for processing time.