Who is the Blue Wombat?
Recently BC has seen a new “face” on campus. He’s tall, he’s blue and he wears red chucks. But the question on everyone’s mind is who is the mysterious Blue Wombat?

Who is the Blue Wombat?

By Jacqueline Puglisi | October 6, 2011 | RSS

There is a new blue presence at BC who has everyone talking and wondering who the mysterious man is in the blue spandex.


His name is The Blue Wombat and for several weeks he has been spotted in the halls of Rish and East River. He also made a brief appearance at the Greek Life Mixer on Sept. 6. 


He has been a shock to some students, especially when first seeing a man over six feet tall wearing blue from head to toe. Completing his ensemble is a small backpack (where he keeps his keys), athletic shorts and red, loosely laced, sneakers.  


The Blue Wombat visits Rish Hall

He has been known to frequent Rish Hall more than any other location. Derek Wright, RHD for Rish, was one of the first people to meet The Blue Wombat and the person who gave him his name. While sitting in his apartment he suddenly saw BC’s man in blue standing in a superhero pose outside his door. The man then shook Wright’s hand and ran away. A photo of the mysterious blue man then appeared on Facebook and that is when Wright decided he would call him The Blue Wombat. Wright chose to name him after a wombat because he said they are a little bit awkward like BC’s man in blue.


When asked how he felt about his new title, The Blue Wombat said he felt it was a fitting name.


The Blue Wombat has admitted to being a shy person. When he puts on the suit he feels free to go out and have the fun his mild-mannered self normally would not.


“The suit gives me a chance to be outgoing and have a little more fun on campus,” he said.


He does not claim a purpose or mission for his time in the blue suit. He is not trying to be a mascot or a super hero. He simply wants to have fun during his last year on campus. This has given him a chance to act a little goofy and bring a smile to the student body.


The Blue Wombat’s time in the spotlight is far from over. With plans to visit open houses at BC and Homecoming, students will be seeing more from the man who dresses in blue spandex from head to toe.