Two BC Students Teach Music Class
Rather than attend a class at nine a. m., Keri Joyce and Allison Deel are teaching one.

Two BC Students Teach Music Class

By Emily Sears | March 23, 2011 | RSS

What if you had to teach your nine o’clock class? That is what two BC students are doing every Monday.


Allison Deel, a senior from Tazewell, Va., and Keri Joyce, a senior from Richlands, Va., teach a 45-minute music class at a private school held in Valley View Seventh Day Adventist Church in Princeton, W. Va..

Keri Joyce and Allison Deel.


Both Deel and Joyce are music majors seeking teacher licensures. Deel’s endorsement is in instrumental music and Joyce’s is in vocal music. Both said that getting to teach this class is a chance to try out what they want to do.


“We get to decide what we want to teach,” said Joyce. “It is great practice for student teaching.”


The class is filled with students from second through eighth grade.


“By seeing the different grades, you see how each age responds to instruction,” said Deel. “This is good because our license will be from Kindergarten to 12th grade.”


Bryant Moxley, the chair of the music department at BC, set up this opportunity for them because the music department is connected with Seventh Day Adventist. Many members of the church perform with Bluefield College’s community orchestra. So, the principal of the school asked Moxley if he had any students who were willing to take over their music program since they did not have a teacher. He recommended them.


Deel and Joyce just finished a Valentine’s Day program with the students and are now starting lessons about tempo and movement. They also have a program planned for graduation.


“I have enjoyed learning how to apply different strategies to different learners,” said Joyce. “Whether it is because they are different ages or have different learning capabilities, I now have a better idea of what to expect.”


They have also learned about schools in general as well as learning about students.


“You get to see different school systems,” said Deel. “Even though it is part of a church, it is still a school with students and standards.”


The hours spent at the Seventh Day school are counted toward Deel and Joyce’s observation hours. Every education students has to go to classrooms and observe students and teachers. This helps them fulfill their observation requirements while acquiring excellent experience.