The Pain of Another

By The Rampage Staff | November 18, 2010 | RSS

We are each walking through life. Each of us will experience pain, joy and sorrow. While one of us may be laughing, another will be weeping.


This is a part of being individuals in the totality of humanity.


On a smaller note, we are each a part of Bluefield College. We are individuals that make up a whole. We are students. We are faculty. We are staff. We are a kind of community.


Students at Bluefield College are experiencing tragedy. There is death. There is sickness. There is brokenness. And at the same time, there is joy and laughter and peace.


It raises the question: can we have a common bond?


Can the laughers comfort the weepers? Can someone whole know the pain of someone broken? Does it matter?


At Bluefield College, we call ourselves “Christian.” People speculate about the meaning of that term. But at the root, we are followers of Christ. Galations 6:2 says that we should carry each other's burdens and in that way fulfill the law of Christ.


No one can truly know the pain of another. But we can care – we must care.


We do care.


There are those who are broken for the broken. We are not blind or deaf to sorrow. We do not want to be blind or deaf.


On a small, Christian campus, no one should ever be alone. We challenge those who are well to seek in their hearts a way to reach out to those who are ill. In the most painful of times, be ready to lift others up.