SVEA Hosts Back to School Party
SVEA celebrates the new year with a back-to-school party on Sept. 15.

SVEA Hosts Back to School Party

By Emily Sears | September 26, 2011 | RSS

You know you have entered the education department of Bluefield College when you see students circled around homemade corn hole games made out of shoe boxes and cotton ball “warm fuzzies.”


“We are very creative in the education department,” said Erin Darnell, a senior from Orange, Va. “We try to use the resources we have because as teachers we will probably have small budgets.”


Bluefield College’s Student Virginia Education Association hosted their annual back-to-school party on Sept. 15.


“It’s great to get together and have fun with other future teachers,” said Bethany Liddle, a junior from Grayson Co., Va.


This year’s party had a carnival theme, and students ate fair foods such as popcorn, nachos, and caramel apples. They also played games including corn hole, Pictionary, and a pie eating contest for prizes of cotton candy and Cracker Jacks.


“We have the best student leaders to organize the party for everyone,” said Dr. Donna Watson, an associate professor of education and sponsor of SVEA.


The leadership of SVEA is unique this year with two presidents heading the organization. Hannah Spicer, a senior from Fort Chiswell, Va., and Ethan Lewis, a senior from Powhatan, Va. Instead of tackling such a challenge independently, both decided to partner together to handle the work load of heading a club.

Hannah Spicer and Ethan Lewis, presidents of SVEA


“We decided to both be president so that we would always have another person to toss ideas around with,” said Lewis. “Our leaders in the education department make it easier, too.”


“Former presidents set a very high example for us as well,” said Spicer. “Marianne Williams, last year’s president, was a great example of president to look up to. We are keeping our eye out for someone awesome to replace us next year.”


SVEA is a state-wide organization for all members of the education department and for anyone who is taking an education class. It is responsible for informing and educating members on educational issues and provides an opportunity for students to explore education as a profession. It also provides all students who must observe at a public school in neighboring counties with insurance in case of any accident or liability.


The local chapter of SVEA at BC is involved with many projects on campus including the Jason Elswick 5K Scholarship Race. This annual race raises money for scholarships in honor of Jason Elswick, an education student at BC who was killed in a car accident in Oct. 2005. They are also currently looking for more opportunities to serve the campus and community.


“SVEA is a place where leadership is developed and collegiality is fostered,” said Phyllis Owens, an assistant professor of education and sponsor of SVEA.


SVEA meets monthly and all education members are encouraged to be active in the meetings.