Students Debut 24th Bluestone Review

By Student Marketing Associate Whitney Browning | May 5, 2017 | RSS

Students Debut 24th Bluestone Review
Bluefield College recently hosted a reception celebrating the release of the school’s 24th edition of The Bluestone Review.

View dozens of photos from The Bluestone Review Debut.





View dozens of photos from The Bluestone Review Debut.


The Bluestone Review is a student-produced literary magazine that features poems, short stories, fiction, creative non-fiction, song lyrics, photographs, paintings and drawings by not only BC students, but also contributors from the community.


The reception allowed the contributing writers and artists to come together to see this year’s publication for the first time, completed and ready to be distributed.


Under the direction of faculty advisor Dr. Rob Merritt, professor and chair of the Department of English, the 2017 Bluestone Review features sections for children, fiction, poetry, art and photography. The student editors for the 24th edition were Arminda Kate Dolinger, Mikaela Hurst, and Autumn Stover, whose own works were also included in a special section of the publication.


During the debut reception, contributing writers shared their works, reading aloud to all who attended the event.


“I think what made the event successful was that almost everyone who was at the reception had something in The Review and wanted to read their work,” said Dolinger. “My favorite part was when the kids that submitted read their story or poem. The Review has a kids’ section, and it’s always super precious when they read. They’re always so proud.”


Princeton, West Virginia, resident Sal Buttaci, a retired teacher of English, writing, poetry, and drama, submits a piece every year to The Review and loves when his work is selected for publication. According to Buttaci, it takes three things to be a successful writer.


“First, you have to be proficient in English,” he said. “Second, you have to allow your imagination to run wild despite anyone saying, ‘Oh, that person’s crazy.’ Third, you have to persevere with confidence.”


All involved with the debut of The Bluestone Review were pleased with the success of the event and of this year’s publication. The turnout for the reception was excellent, Dr. Merritt said, just like the works chosen to be in The Bluestone Review.


“It’s all about how we can continue, and we hope,” said Dr. Merritt, whose love for literature, combined with the hard work of the student editors is why The Review is successful year after year. “No matter how bad things are, people still keep pushing on -- whether that’s writing a poem or trying to make the world a better place. Humans don’t give up. You see that a lot in literature.”


Dolinger added how grateful she is for the hard work of the students in putting together The Review and the reception. “I am so proud of us,” she said, “and everyone at the reception seemed to have a good time.”