Spring Formal 2011
BC students groove to a Spring Formal theme pulled straight out of the past.

Spring Formal 2011

March 31, 2011 | RSS

Students at Bluefield College had a chance to let loose and enjoy a break from their hectic college schedule March 19 at the annual Spring Formal.


BC students getting groovy at the 2011 Spring Formal.

“It was good,” said Ryan Talley, a sophomore softball player.  “I think the music variety was the best that it has ever been since I’ve been here.”


Students started to arrive at 9 p.m. Saturday night to what used to be Shott Hall but was now a renovated ‘70s-themed disco.


“I helped to set up the dance and put up all the decorations early that morning,” said Amanda Heller. “Thanks to the silver disco balls I now have glitter all over me.”


There was a slight disadvantage to the scheduled time for the dance. Many of the sports teams--the volleyball team, the men’s and women’s soccer teams, and the softball team--were required to work the Nascar races that took place at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee on Saturday and Sunday. 

“I decided not to go to the dance because I had to sleep so I could wake up for Bristol Sunday morning,” said Lyndsey Pelletteri, a freshman majoring in exercise science. “But I heard that everyone who went had a good time and that the decorations suited the theme.”


Other athletes who worked Saturday paid no attention to how tired they were, dressed up, and went out. They had been afraid of not making it back to the school in time, but the coacheshad assured them otherwise.


“I was excited that I got to make it in time to the dance because it’s the first dance that I have gotten to go to this year,” said Alina Difazio, a freshman soccer player who had to work Bristol the day of the dance. “The only dilemma is that there weren’t enough guys there.”


Shott Hall was transformed into an oldies dance club. For one night all of Bluefield College was permitted to venture to the iconic ‘70s with fun, food, and good music.