Spirits Lifted at Elevate
Each first and third Tuesday BC students gather for fellowship and student-led worship.

Spirits Lifted at Elevate

By Autumn Arnold | October 27, 2011 | RSS

We’ve all heard it. 1 Timothy states it: “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young.” But do others actually think less of the youth? Bluefield College’s Elevate service is out to prove the doubters wrong.


Elevate is all about the students. On the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. you will see some of Bluefield College’s students making their way up the hills on campus to the Annex building to go to Elevate.


What looks like a little old trailer on the outside is a mini-church on the inside. There are chairs for students to sit in, a stage for the student band to play on, and a projector screen to display lyrics for the worship songs.


Elevate has a student-led worship team: Grant Thomas, Kristen Slade, Cody McCarty, Zachari Breland, and Josh King.


A new student to Bluefield this fall, Summer Eggers, talked about her feelings on the Elevate worship team.


“Student-led worship . . . I just love that,” Eggers said.

Students participating in worship at Elevate


Another student at Bluefield College, Sara Looney, had similar thoughts on the student worship team.


“It lifts my spirits every time I go to Elevate,” Looney said. “It reminds me why I came to Bluefield to begin with.”


At Elevate services, Casey Palmer, a senior communications major at BC, gives announcements to let everyone know about extra activities that they could be a part of if interested. Palmer encourages students to get involved in mission trips and community projects.


Dr. Henry Clary, a missionary who has served many years in Uruguay, South America, spoke at the first service this fall.


He talked to the students about his family’s experience in Uruguay and the calling God put on his life to be a missionary. He had the Elevate students laughing, listening intently, and asking lots of questions about his life in Uruguay.


To read more about Dr. Henry and Matasha Clary click here


At the second Elevate service, the students got a surprise and when asked by BC student Cary Carpenter to come outside and play a game called “Train Wreck,” which gave students a chance to get to know each other by making everyone stand around other people before quickly moving to stand next to someone else.


After the Train Wreck, a new student to Bluefield College, Steven Quackenbush, delivered a message to his fellow friends and students.


Steven’s message was focused around “P.U.S.H.”, or “pray until something happens.” He told the crowd that even when you feel like God isn’t listening, don’t get discouraged, keep pushing forward, and continue to seek God.


Many students who have enjoyed the past Elevate services are encouraging other students, friends, roommates, and teammates to become a part of Elevate as well.


Each week there’s something new and different about Elevate, like a new set of worship songs, a new message, a game, a drama skit, or maybe even a different guest speaker to encourage students.