Snowy Days at BC
The fun and mishaps caused by snow in Bluefield.

Snowy Days at BC

By Angi Highlander | January 19, 2011 | RSS

Bluefield College was closed Jan. 13 due to inclement weather.

The break from classes could not have come at a more opportune moment. Students took this time to go sledding, boarding and sliding down the hill or to make enormous snowmen and angels. Others took this time to go to the GBCC (Greater Bluefield Community Center) and work to stay in shape for sports seasons.

Lydia Freeman was one of the women prepared to slide at an intense speed down the massive hill beside Rish Hall.

“After this we’re going to make a snowman bigger than me," said Freeman, who was one among a group of students that were throwing snow balls at one another, and diving into the snow flinging their arms around in the piles.

The free time was a breath of brisk snowy air. Many students were upset that the college had held classes the day before. The roads were reported bad and the ice around campus slick. One student, Travis Weaver, who lives off campus, tells of the drive from his house to the college.

“Although I do not have a long distance to go, it is still a treacherous journey.” Weaver said. “My house is at the top of a tall hill and they do not always clear the roads. I tried to go down the hill slowly but started to slide and had to try and go through the back roads. These conditions are really bad to have classes in.”

Walking was also hazardous, and Hannah Spicer, an East River Hall resident fell on the slick sidewalk.

"It happened really fast; I was trying to hurry back to my room to call my boyfriend and report on the first day of classes," said Spicer. "It was also really cold outside. The next thing I remember was looking up watching snowflakes fall down and I realized my hat was at the top of the hill along with a trail of wet books."

Niqko Marshall, a classmate in Spicer's Spanish class, came to the rescue. He hurried over to help pick up Spicer along with her hat and wet books. More traumatized than hurt, Spicer said she began to cry.

"I texted a couple of friends once I got back to my room to inform them of my mishap, and they all freaked out," said Spicer.

The wintry weather has caused both mishaps and laughter on the BC campus.