By Heather Paisley | January 19, 2011 | RSS

With temperatures as low as 15 degrees, Bluefield received over six inches of snow the week of Jan. 9., forcing Bluefield College to delay and cancel classes.  Students and faculty all around campus decided they may never see the green grass again. 


The winter wonderland that BC became was an exquisite view.  All that could be seen was a white fluffy looking substance that closely resembled sugar.  Buildings such as Lansdell Hall, East River, and Rish Hall had snow-covered roofs and icicles dangling from gutters and windows. The college campus looked like a scene from the inside of a snow globe.  Snowflakes seemed to have a love/hate relationship with the Baptist school. 


Students found the product of the winter season to be a nuisance, but at the same time something beautiful.


“The snow is really depressing because it feels like you’re stuck inside, but it’s also beautiful, in a bitter sweet way,” said Angel Hackney, a junior, who has just started her second semester at BC.


The 2011 Spring semester got off to a hectic start, but some students, such as Hackney, were not saddened by the delays.


“It’s pretty cool because the first day of classes we get a delay and then the next day all classes were cancelled, but it does make it hard to get back into a routine again,” said Hackney.


Getting into a routine and getting off to a good start of a new semester with snow everywhere is a slippery slope.  Students returned to campus Jan. 9 to find snow already on the ground, and then, two days later, they were greeted with the large amount that caused the first day of classes to be delayed. The following day did not go well either because classes were canceled.  Canceling the classes for a day is a rare occurrence, one that some students do not mind. 


“I really liked and enjoyed my day off.  I thought about going sledding on the hill behind Rish,” said Courtney Dutton, a first semester transfer student at Bluefield College.


During this snow storm it was a challenge finding anyone on campus who liked the snow, except for Dutton.


“I love it!” she exclaimed.


The Baptist-founded college is home to students who hail from all parts of the United States, some parts that have never witnessed a flake of snow.  One student in particular, Jackie Gonzalez, goalie for the Bluefield College Women’s Soccer Team, found the snow to be the biggest annoyance in her life right now.  Gonzalez, from Miami, Fla., spent her Christmas break soaking up the sun.  Just a week ago, she was long boarding on Miami Beach, and walking the city sidewalks sporting a bikini and flip flops.


Now she is snowboarding on a hill outside Rish Hall and walking the campus sidewalks sporting a thick winter jacket and snow boots. 

If you ask her how she likes the snow, you can not get a very positive response.

“Eh, it’s good and bad,” she said. “ It’s more bad than good because back home, I would be tanning; it’s good because it makes me appreciate that.  I’m Latin and Bluefield raped my skin of all its beautiful Latin pigment.” 

As one can see, the snow that covers the campus of Bluefield College is not appreciated and according to the students that keep the school running, should quickly melt away. Spring must find its way to the college town soon.  Bluefield is a very welcoming town, that welcomed “Jack Frost” with open arms, but now it is safe to say that he has overstayed his welcome.