The SGA of BC is working towards a better campus environment under Emily Sears and Kiara Williams.


March 23, 2011 | RSS

The Student Government Association (SGA) is making moves in all the right directions.

The SGA has been on campus as far back as students can tell, but no one really knows the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

The SGA is a group on campus made upof students from every grade. These students have the ability to influence the decisions for campus-wide projects which include student dances, fundraisers, and charity events. Although SGA is a group, it does have leEmily Sears, SGA Presidentaders to  maintain order.

Emily Sears, President of the SGA, has come a long way from just an ordinary class senator to president as a junior. She is especially impressive because the title that usually goes to a senior student.

“I felt like even when I was a freshmen I wanted the opportunity to help Bluefield College and hopefully the change will have a positive impact,” Sears said. “I enjoy being president because I have a good group that’s easy to work with.”

Kiara Williams is not only vice president of SGA, but a senior starter for the Lady Rams basketball team. Williams has been associated with SGA for four years and her involvement shows that campus organizations are open to a variety of students. She became secretary the second semester of her sophomore year at Bluefield and was elected vice president at the end of her junior year. 

“Being a vice president has made me want to be able to succeed in leading a school or being able to lead in the job area that I want to be in,” Williams said. “I also hope to learn to look past myself and reach out to other people.”

SGA is open to any ideas students may have to improve the greatness of the school.