"Room"; reminds us of the strongest bonds

March 22, 2016 | RSS

Rampage Columnist

Antonella Membreno

"Room" is undoubtedly the biggest tearjerker movie of this season. If any film could define the phrase "all the feels," it is definitely this one. 


In "Room," Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and Ma (Brie Larson) live in a small shed where they are held captive for years. Ma was kidnapped at age 17 and Jack was born there, making "room" the only world he knows. Although it has been seven years since her kidnapping and five since the birth of Jack, Ma lovingly takes care of Jack, (making their situation as normal as she can.)


An altercation with her captor leaves Ma petrified about the safety of her son Jack and Ma devise a plan to escape room. Larson's performance is solid, she plays a young pained mother with a great deal of honesty. Her anger and worries seep through the screen as she looks after Jack in the hellhole where she is forced to live. Not only is she angry that she must raise her son in dehumanizing conditions but angry at the life that was stolen from her. 


But the heart of the film is Jacob Tremblay, whose performance is so touching and well-crafted that it seemed as if it was being played by a 30-year-old film veteran. Jack is surely, despite his height, the big hero of the film. Jack gets them out of room and once out, helps his mother rejoin the outside world they are both a part of now.


Through Jack's eyes and aided by Stephen Rennicks' wonderful score we discover the world outside of room. Jack explains that there are so many things going on that sometimes he does not know where to look. But one thing is for sure, he can always look at his mother. Although the film does give out a sense of hopefulness, the true takeaway is the strong bond between both characters. It reminds us that even in the darkest hours, love always shines through.



4/4 Stars