Rams Struggle Against Shorter University
Rams lose three game series, brings record to 2-4...

Rams Struggle Against Shorter University

February 14, 2011 | RSS

Bluefield, VA—The Rams came up short against Shorter College this past weekend, dropping all three games.


Andrew Weaver hits a home run at the top of the tenth inning in game three against Shorter.

In game one the Rams started pitcher David Gibson who led the Rams through seven innings with three hits, one walk, and nine strikeouts in the 25 batters he faced. The Rams replaced Gibson with Josh McQuade who gave up the lone run in the ninth inning during the game to Shorter University's Willie Lewis. McQuade was one hit, one run, and three walks to the four batters he faced in his inning. The Rams lost game one 1-0 and headed off for the final game of the doubleheader.


The Rams only combined for two hits during the game thanks to third baseman Andrew Weaver and catcher Andrew Dickerson. Winning pitcher for the game for Shorter University was Eric Doty who pitched four innings with four strikeouts. Final numbers for BC in game one was two hits and four errors in the loss.


In game two for the Rams, Adam Hoyt pitched all six innings for the Rams that resulted in a 4-0 loss. Hoyt had eight hits, four runs, and three strikeouts in the 26 batters faced. Hoyt also received the loss for the Rams making him 1-1 thus far in the season.


Shortstop Eli Smurthwaite earned a double for the Rams making him one of only three players to have hits in the game for the Rams. Left fielder Kyle Cabral and center fielder Victor Torres were the other two Rams players to get hits.


Tim Day got the win for Shorter University in seven innings he pitched three hits, one walk, and seven strikeouts to 22 Ram players. Dadynoel Lorenzo had three RBI's for shorter with Kurtis Robinson providing the last run for Shorter.


Final numbers for the Rams was zero runs, three hits, and no errors in the loss.


Sunday provided the last game in the series for the Rams, hoping to come back from the losses suffered the day before. The Rams started Mike Newton who pitched two innings allowing only one hit and five strikeouts in the seven batters. Newton was replaced by Joey Andrews who also pitched two innings allowing two hits and two strikeouts to eight batters. Replacing Andrews was Taylor Marshall in the bottom of the fifth inning, Marshall allowed only one hit in the six batters faced, and he also had two strikeouts.


Replacing Marshall in the bottom of the seventh was Eliezer Cordero who pitched a solid inning for the Rams allowing one walk in two batters faced. The game remained scoreless until the top of the eighth inning.


The game got interesting when Shorter sent Adam Thurman into pitch replacing their starting pitcher Brick Carter. On a 1-2 count Andrew Weaver reached base on a misplaced grounder landing him on first base. Taking the batter's box after Weaver was Cameron Hynes who sacrificed bunted allowing Weaver to progress to second base.


Jon- Michael Thruett singled to left field on a 2-1 count allowing Weaver to score. Thruett would then advance to second due to a misplaced throw on the same play. Victor Torres took to the plate and on a 2-2 count he grounds to first allowing Thruett to progress to third base. Shorter would then go to the bull pen and replace Thurman with Eric Doty. Doty faced Nick Balisteri who had a two foul strike before and then struck out on the final pitch of the eighth inning. Rams ended the inning with a one run lead with one error and one left on base.


Taking the mound for the Rams after their huge scoring drive in the eighth was Josh McQuade. McQuade made fast work of Shorter's Hollis who had a pop up in the middle and Clint Harkins who was pinch hitting for Willie Lewis, Harkins struck out. Shorter's leadoff batter Dadynoel Lorenzo doubled to deep left center field. McQuade then walked Shorter's Lou Amargo. Taking the plate next was Cody Hooper who singled to left leading to Lorenzo's tying run. McQuade struck Blake McCullers out swinging closing out the inning for the Rams.


The ninth inning was seemingly quite for both teams. At the top of the tenth the Rams attempted a comeback rally where Doty's first pitch was to Weaver. Weaver on a zero-zero count homered to lead off the tenth. Jake Broome who had just taken the field attempted to catch the homer but the ball had cleared the fence just as Broome connected with the left field wall. Weaver's homer his second of the season gave BC a 2-1 lead.


McQuade was once again faced with Lorenzo who singled down the left field line allowing for Amargo to sacrifice hit that put Lorenzo on second. McQuade then hit Hooper allowing him to first. Blake McCullers then line out brings out number two in the inning.


McQuade was then faced with the very player who tried to catch Weaver's home run, Broome on a two ball count knocked the ball into right center and out of reach of BC centerfielder Victor Torres. This allowing for Lorenzo and Hooper to score the two runs and closing out the Shorter series with a 3-2 victory in game three.


The Rams will continue with their southern games with a three game series against Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina with a doubleheader on February 19 with first pitch scheduled for noon. The Rams will wrap up the series on Sunday, February 20 with a noon first pitch.