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Rams Release Fall 2011 Football Schedule

Rams Football Schedule highlights several key games in Head Coach Gravier's first season

Sports Information Department BC

July 21, 2011

Bluefield College Athletics

Sports Information Department

Bluefield, Virginia


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75 college football players will step on Bluefield's campus on August 10th to begin a new chapter in Bluefield College Football and reignite the rich history and tradition that once was an integral part of Rams Athletics. 


Coach Gravier and his staff set out on a new journey as they help bring back football to Bluefield College on its 70th year anniversary when BC last fielded a football squad. 


The Rams will first have to play its first season under strict NAIA guidelines and restrictions as a new collegiate program entering the association. As a result, the Rams will play a "JV" season with each of their games being recorded as scrimmages.


Today, the Rams Football program released its 2011 Fall Season schedule ahead of a busy next twelve months. 


The program will undergo a mass amount of player development, character and team building, game management and strategy, adaptation of the college game and much more ahead of the 2012 season. In 2012, the Rams will enter highly-competitive Mid-South Conference that has two separate divisions with teams from West Virginia to Alabama. 


This season the Rams will play a majority of inter-squad "Blue-White" games, with the opening scrimmage and the homecoming squad game being two of the most appealing contests. These kind of games will give the coaching staff a great opportunity to analyze and build the program as it needs to be ahead of its inter-collegiate season next year. 


"Our expectations are that our players will learn quickly what we as coaches are expecting them to do.  Both on the field and off.  That they learn early on how we expect them play, act, work, practice, behave, every aspect of what they do as a representative of our program.  If they can do that, the rest will take care of itself", Coach Gravier added in an earlier statement.


"Our goal this fall is to be very inward focused and coach our guys hard and to find a spot for each guy where he has the best chance to help the team and he has an opportunity to play.....Everything we do will be done with 2012 in mind.  Getting our team ready to play in the Mid-South Conference."


2011 will be an exciting season even without the scorelines, results and high-caliber matchups. The team will compete against six programs outside of their own throughout the fall including games against Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) and West Virginia Tech (Montgomery, WV). 


Each game will give the coaches and players an opportunity to determine the pro's and con's of their game, and how they may look ahead and improve for the 2012 campaign. 


Check out the 2011 schedule here. Dont forget to check out the Rams Athletics website at or follow us on Twitter @BluefieldRams or on Facebook at "Bluefield College Athletics" for up to the minute scores, results, stories, videos and more. 


Tom Baynham

It's exciting to know that football is coming back to BC. I'm looking forward to spending fall afternoons in Bluefield watching football!


My friend John Layne is a new player on this team and i cannot wait to see him play!!


I don't know just yet what position the kid from Chicago or what will be his jersey number;but I see that he signed with Bluefield College. I've see this kid play 4-5 different positions in high school.The kids name is Cortney Lewis keep and eye on him.I will be looking for him.

Justin Thorpe Jmu

Watch out for my little cousin Rodney Leaper out of Richmond,Va, Carina high school.

Regina Giroux

Rodney Leeper, Jr. is my Nephew and he is going to put his name on it down there this season!!! Go Lil Rodney! Love you!

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