President's Convo Kicks off New Year
Bluefield College ceremoniously kicked off the 2011-‘12 academic year with the pomp and circumstance of its annual President’s Convocation, August 30.

President's Convo Kicks off New Year

September 25, 2012 | RSS


President David Olive addresses students during the BC's traditional President's Convocation to kick of a new academic year.




New BC students sign an honor code as part of a matriculation ceremony into the student body.



President David Olive welcomed students, faculty and staff to the school’s 91st academic year. Other dignitaries offered similar greetings, including BC’s chair of the Board of Trustees Dr. David Bailey, Jr.; president of the faculty Mimi Merritt; president of the Alumni Association Dan Agee; and Student Government Association president Megan Hardison.


“I encourage you to meet people, get involved, and participate in activities on campus,” Hardison told her fellow classmates. “Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow, and make the best of every moment.”


In his convocation address, Dr. Olive encouraged students to remember four important “Cs” throughout the year -- “classes, choices, character and care.” He urged them to “attend and participate in classes” and to “think long and hard about the choices (they) make. He reminded them that “character is best defined by the actions (they) take when no one else is around to see.” And, he advised them to take “care” of themselves, both physically and spiritually.


The president also spoke about the faculty and staff’s commitment to help each student realize their greatest potential and to find their purpose in life.


“Sometimes we find that resources are inadequate, but don’t let that hinder you,” said Dr. Olive. “Your faith in Christ alone will get you over the obstacles. Through the power of Christ, we will prevail and continue to be a beacon on this hill and a place where God is glorified each day.”


The President’s Convocation also included the formal induction of new students into the BC student body through the reading of commitment statements and the signing and pledging of honor codes. The students pledged to “turn our hearts and minds toward wisdom,” “be a blessing to each other,” and “follow standards of conduct.”


In addition, the program included the introduction of new faculty and staff, including Trent Argo, vice president for enrollment management; Paula Beasley Beasley, library circulation supervisor; Kirk Broussard, assistant football coach; Ryen Carew, assistant football coach; Carlyn Cole, transfer admissions counselor; Cedric Collins, assistant football coach; Courtney Dutton, director of community outreach; Randy Fielder, head softball coach; Andrew Lawrence, instructor of information technology; Joe McCombs, administrative assistant for nursing; Tammy Pennington, assistant director of nursing; Derrick Price, financial aid counselor; Rudy Roediger, sports information director; Chris Schultz, assistant football coach; Cheryl Shippey, director of the New Opportunity School for Women; Joe Skinner, admissions counselor for inSPIRE; Terri Thomason, assessment counselor for inSPIRE; Dr. Ben Thorburn, assistant professor of music; April Workman, assistant professor of special education; and Dr. Maria Zalduondo, assistant professor of languages and director of Global Education.