Praise for Former Registrar

By Lydia Freeman | February 9, 2012 | RSS

Praise for Former Registrar
Dr. Olive talks about former registrar Cathy Matherly and her hard work at BC.

Cathy Matherly, Bluefield College Registrar, resigned during the last week of November.


“She was here almost 20 years,” said BC President David Olive.


Matherly at a Commencement Ceremony

Matherly held several different positions at BC, but she had been the Registrar for several years.


“She had many different positions,” said Olive. “But she has been in the Registrar for as long as I have been here.”


Olive was full of praise for Matherly’s work.


“While she was here she did a very good job serving in the Registrar position,” said Olive. “She was always a servant to the students, serving them so as to best meet their needs.”


Olive said that he did not question her loyalty or commitment.


“She was always focused on the students and their success,” said Olive.


Olive said he was not sure why Matherly chose to leave BC, but he speculated that it might be because of the stress of a system change.


“Things have been very stressful since we made the determination to go online with our accelerated degree program,” said Olive. “It’s been a stressful change for almost every office.”


Amanda Parks, who also has held different positions at Bluefield College, has been named as the new Registrar.


“She used to work in that office,” said Olive. “She worked in Advancement, Academics, and now she is back in the Registrar.”


Olive said that Parks had extensive expertise in Jenzabar.


“It’s an expertise that is needed in almost every office,” said Olive.


Following Matherly’s resignation, the faculty of Bluefield College voted in favor of a resolution of appreciation for her years of service, according to Faculty President Mimi Merritt.


“Our faculty wanted very much to recognize Cathy for her commitment to the college and for all the help she has given us with meeting the needs of our students,” Merritt said.