PBL at Bluefield College
PBL is alive and thriving at Bluefield College.

PBL at Bluefield College

By Lydia Freeman | March 14, 2011 | RSS

Bluefield College's student organization, Phi Beta Lamba (PBL), is preparing to compete at the State Leadership Conference.


The competition will take place on April 2 in Richmond Va. BC's PBL has 24 students competing with 14 traveling to Richmond.


“There are many competition areas,” said Brittany Garton, the president of PBL. “Some are tests that you take in the ACE center, and others are presentations that are presented once you arrive at the conference. There are also simulations you can compete in.”


PBL is the college version of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). It allows members to build their resume, make connections with others in their field of study, and compete on local, state, and national levels.


“PBL is a great resume builder,” said Garton. “I would encourage any person majoring in business to become a part of the organization.”


PBL is not solely limited to business students. Students from other majors, such as Emily Sears, have joined the organization and are participating in competition.


“Business majors are not the only people who can benefit from PBL,” said Garton. “The skills we learn in business are often useful for other majors. Also, students from other majors have skills that complement business.”


PBL holds meetings every third Thursday at 12:15 in Science 121. These meetings allow students to meet with the PBL faculty sponsors, learn about events and opportunities, as well as bond as a group. Occasionally, at these meetings, PBL has pizza for its members.


“We understand that it's hard to eat lunch and attend a PBL meeting,” said Garton. PBL does not only help students become more effective in business. The organization is also encouraging members to volunteer.


“This year we helped with BC's homecoming,” said Garton. “We also worked at a raffle at a local elementary school. I think it's important for our members to be giving back to our campus, as well as our community.”


Katilyn Duggins, the BC director of community service, views community service as an important way for PBL to be respresented.


“We take every community service opportunity to create a positive presentation for the national organization of PBL,” said Duggins.


This year the BC PBL chapter wrote a grant for a medical and hygiene center for a school for Roma children in Romania which was fully funding after the grant was received.

The BC PBL also hosted FBLA’s New River Region Fall Leadership Conference on Oct. 8, 2010. More than 500 FBLA students were on campus.“


I held a resume writing seminar,” said Garton. “It was great to have the opportunity to share what I've learned with another age group.”


This year, there are 27 members in PBL. “I have been pleased with our membership,” said Garton. “BC may be a small school, but in the past we have beaten bigger universities such as Virginia Tech.”


Kayla Myers, a former PBL member, is now a faculty sponsor, along with Dee Shoemaker and Harry Snodgrass.


“PBL is such a great opportunity for students,” said Myers. “While at state you not only compete, but get to tour a prominent business in the Richmond area before attending the state leadership conference. You also get to meet and network with state colleges, and it also is a great resume builder. To be able to say you competed at the State and National level in an area like Human Resources may be the added advantage in getting a job.”


Cary Carpenter, treasurer of PBL, is looking forward to her first competition.


“In the past we've gone to job fairs where companies and firms set up their booths, and they tell you about their jobs,” said Carpenter. “But that wasn't as big of a deal as competition.”


Myers is also excited to have the opportunity to travel with PBL to the conference. “Some of my best collegiate memories involve PBL and their National and State Conferences, so I am sure they will be a great experience and just as fun being on the advisor end of things,” said Myers.


PBL is always glad to have new members, and BC students are encouraged to inquire about the program. Contact Garton at for more information.