Lynn Yarbrough: Linking BC With China
Lynn Yarbrough answers questions about China at a reception held for her on February 1, 2011.

Lynn Yarbrough: Linking BC With China

By Lydia Freeman | February 3, 2011 | RSS

 A reception for Lynn Yarbrough, the link between Bluefield College and the Jiangsu Second Normal University in China, was held in Shott Hall this Tuesday.


Yarbrough has been an English teacher at the Jiangsu Second Normal University in China since 1992. Through her, BC has been able to establish a study abroad program that allows four Chinese student to travel to BC in the fall, and four BC students to travel to China during the summer.

“Going to China will do you more good than it does them because you will learn more than you ever thought you would,” said Yarbrough.


Evan Sherman and Sara Hubble, two of the students who have previously visited China agreed.


“It teaches you more than you can take to them,” said Hubble. “The open, friendly people blew me away. These people were so generous while here we have such a “me first” mentality, but this biblical generosity from a community that didn't even believe like I did.”


Yarbrough answered questions about Chinese culture, safety, and advice she would give to those traveling to China in the summer.


“Language is the biggest barrier,” said Yarbrough. “We can always stay inside our little cocoon. But once you are ready to jump out you will learn so much. Also, while you are in China, be flexible. Don't get upset because something changed.”


Yarbrough assured those in attendance that China was a very safe place.


“You are safer in China than you will ever be in the US,” she said. “There are bad people in China, but physical violence is so rare that there is no need to be concerned. Pick pockets are the biggest concern, and as long as you're careful, you won't have a problem.”


Yarbrough encouraged those who visit China to be accepting of differences in culture.


“The Chinese way is not our way,” Yarbrough said. “But it is a perfectly good way.”