Lyndsey Lester Pitches No-Hitter
Richlands native Lyndsey Lester has a no hitter against Penn College...

Lyndsey Lester Pitches No-Hitter

March 15, 2011 | RSS

Bluefield, VA—The Lady Rams return from Myrtle Beach with a 3-4 record thus far into the season.


Lyndsey Lester opened her pitching season for the Lady Rams with a no- hitter against Penn College.

No, the Lady Rams were not at the beach solely for the warm weather but to participate in the annual Snowbird Tournament that hosts colleges and universities from around the United States during their break from classes. The Lady Rams played a series of two games in four days against Penn College, King's College, Dakota State, Eastern University, Penn State- Harrisburg, SUNY IT, Lincoln College, and Owens Community College.


Lyndsey Lester was on the mound for the opening game of the Lady Rams season she faced Penn College. A freshman from Richlands, Virginia pitched a complete game with 11 strike- outs and 59 total pitches to have a no- hitter in her first start of the season. Lester was one error shy of a perfect game.


In the 10-0 win, Megan Meismer, Heather Thomas, and Whitney Sparks each had two runs for the Lady Rams. Adding on one run a piece for the team were Ashley Alley, Morgan Hill, Megan Carr, and Lester. Sparks and Hill also had doubles in the game.


Following the Penn College game was a matchup against King's College with Megan Meismer on the mound for the Lady Rams. King's College won the matchup 11-0. The Lady Rams had four hits in the loss. Lester also pitched for one inning with two strikeouts.


On March 8 they faced a dual matchup with Dakota State and Eastern University where the Lady Rams lost both games. Lester was on the mound in the Dakota State game where she had two strikeouts and three earned runs off of five hits. The Lady Rams had six hits by Lindsey Sizemore, Sparks, Thomas, Lester, and Meismer in the 4-0 loss.


Eastern University's game had the dual pitching action of Meismer and Lester. Meismer pitched for six innings having seven earned runs off of 11 hits in the 10-0 loss. Lester pitched one inning with a strikeout in the loss.


The following day the Lady Rams split the day's games losing against Penn State- Harrisburg 4-3 and winning 2-1 against SUNY IT.


Meismer returned to the mound for the Lady Rams for a complete game with six hits, one walk, three earned runs, and two strikeouts in the loss. Offensively the Lady Rams had five hits; two by Sparks with Thomas, Alley, and Meismer adding on one hit a piece. Runs were also scored by Amber MacDonald, Meismer, and Lester.


On a four game losing streak the Lady Rams rebounded against SUNY IT with a close game pitched by Lester. Lester had a complete game with four hits and 10 strikeouts in the 2-1 win. Lindsey Burris and Thomas scored the two winning runs off of the RBI's by Carr and Hill.


The Lady Rams had a day off before returning to the action in a scrimmage game with Owens Community College and then a matchup with Lincoln College with a 9-1 win.


Lindsey Burris had the Lady Rams starting off right hitting a triple and with Sparks doubling for the team that had eight combined hits. Lester rounded out her Snowbird Tournament appearance with a win on the mound in five innings she had three hits with one earned run and six strikeouts.


Lester won three out of four games she played in the tournament with a total of 31 strikeouts, one walk, and four earned runs.


Lester and the Lady Rams will open their home season on Wednesday, March 16 against Southern Virginia University with a 2:00 pm first pitch time.