Lotito Visits BC Coach Mike Gravier
Son of former BC football coach, Frank Lotito, visits new BC football coach Mike Gravier.

Lotito Visits BC Coach Mike Gravier

By Chris Shoemaker | February 9, 2011 | RSS


Honoring Tradition


Longtime Bluefield College friend and supporter Tony Lotito (pictured right) was on campus recently to visit with BC's new head coach for football, Mike Gravier (pictured left). Tony's father, Frank Lotito, coached BC's football team in the early 1940s when Tony was just a child. In fact, he was the last coach before the school discontinued the sport because of the loss of male student-athletes to duty in World War II.


Because of his childhood connection, Tony has been a lifelong supporter of Bluefield College. He also teaches part-time in the school's inSPIRE degree-completion program and has been an ardent advocate of the revival of intercollegiate football at BC.


Not long after Tony participated in the formal ceremony in June 2010 announcing the return of Rams football, Coach Gravier said, "We will use the past as part of our future. It is my desire to honor those former players (and coaches). If any are still living, I want them to visit and be a part of our team. If they are no longer with us, their families are always welcome."

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