Little Women
The Bluefield College performance of "Little Women" would be the last for five BC seniors.

Little Women

February 28, 2011 | RSS

Make-up is applied. Costumes are put on. Mike checks are complete. The stage is set. The lights come up, and "Little Women" begins.


Bluefield College opened "Little Women" on Thursday, Feb. 24, directed by Charles and Rebecca McCoy-Reese. The last show was Sunday, Feb. 27.

The play was adapted by BC senior Jennifer Bohannan from the book by Louisa May Alcott.


"My favorite thing about 'Little Women' has been watching it come together," said Bohannan. "From it's infancy in creating the script to the full production, it's been amazing watching it grow and develop. I love how the actors have made their characters real people; they've taken the words in the script and created living, breathing, feeling people."


The BC March family consisted of Maggie Dillion as Meg, Bohannan as Jo, Marland Funk as Beth, and Danielle Workman as Amy. The parents were James Young and Della Limbert, while Aunt March was played by Bonnie Blackburn.


Limbert, who played Marmee, said, "I love how wise Marmee is. She is my role model for the mother and wife I want to be someday."


Since the total time span of the play is four years, actors and actresses had to learn how to act older throughout the play.


"I love how Amy grows throughout the story," said Danielle Workman. "Although this has been one of the hardest challenges throughout rehearsals, I've really enjoyed learning to portray that. All the characters grow through the story, but I feel like Amy has a major contrast growing from an child to a young adult."


There were five seniors in the play, which made "Little Women" their last show.


"I've been a student at Bluefield for five years total as a high school student doing duel enrollment and then as a full-time student," said Workman. "I've been in so many shows.It's depressing to think that this is my last one at Bluefield. I'm going to miss so much about theatre here."


For these seniors, the last four years have been filled with multiple plays and many memories.


"The hardest thing about being in "Little Women" is knowing that this is my last show. I've lived on this stage for the last three years, and I'm going to miss it so much," said Bohannan.


Workman commented on the unity of the cast by saying, "It's been so neat to see the relationships connect as we've each developed our characters. It finally feels like a real family and it's a great feeling knowing that it's all coming together."