Lady Rams Land Helms
Bluefield College locked up a Blue Demon! Lacie Helms signed on to play soccer Thursday afternoon.

Lady Rams Land Helms

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Lacie Helms signs to become a Lady Rams a persue
the rest of her degree at BC


Story Information Contributed by: WDBJ 7 and Chris Whitley (WSLS 10)


CHRISTIANSBURG, VA --Signing to play a sport in college is the goal of many high school athletes, but few have the academic drive of Christiansburg senior Lacie Helms.


While being a star on the soccer field, she takes even more pride in her studies. Helms has spent the last two years taking college classes at New River Community College, on top of her normal high school load. So when she graduates this spring, she will also earn her Associates Degree.


"When she finishes, she will have associates degree a few weeks shy of having her high school diploma," said Lacie's mother Kim Helms.


"I think the work load was a lot more than I was expecting. I really got used to it quickly. I realized I can't go home right after school and take a nap, I just have to get my work done," added Helms.


Getting her work done means giving up normal high school activities. She even spent the break between her junior and senior years taking five college courses.


"The summer was tough, because I had to miss out on beach trips, and places I was going. I had classes to attend, papers to be written, and speeches to be given. You know, that was tough for me, but it is going to be worth it in the end. The first two years of college will be a little bit easier on me, and I will really have time to fit in, and get the swing of things," Helms said.


While her new college coach at Bluefield hopes Helms will spend four years at the school, she does not need to. Going in at what could be a junior level, she now can choose how long she stays.


"How much I love their academics. They have exactly what I want to study, they have youth ministries which is exactly what I want to go into, and their soccer team really made me feel at home. It is such an awesome opportunity just to be able to play a sport that I love and study what I want. Just to be at a school that really feels like home. It is an awesome school, with an awesome campus and an awesome place to be," said Helms. 


"If I do stay at Bluefield for four years, I plan to double major in education and youth ministry," said Helms.


If she decides on just two years at Bluefield, she will likely still pursue her master's degree afterwards.