Jones and Bartlett: Two BC Students Using Their Skills
BC students Jeremy Bartlett and Celia Jones used their design skills to inspire high school students to speak out at BC's High School Speech Competition.

Jones and Bartlett: Two BC Students Using Their Skills

By Angi Highlander | March 22, 2011 | RSS

Two students in a design class at Bluefield College have won first place for their campaign proposal for the annual high school speech contest.


Winners Jeremy Bartlett and Celia Jones will each receive a $25 cash prize for their efforts.


Jeremy Bartlett's promotional matieral for the 2011 High School Speech Contest.

Bartlett’s logo and design, the silhouette of a girl with a multicolored speech bubble, will be featured in this year’s promotional material. The different colors represent different areas of her life and the color spots inside the speech bubble represents that she is speaking out about her life. 

 Jones’ design focus is a microphone looking out towards the audience. The layout and logo will feature next year in the promotion material.


“I tried to put myself in the shoes of these high school students, and give them the idea to speak up,” said Jones.


The students won the competition in a graphic communication class, Designing for the Graphic Customer.


The promotion competition was the first of its kind done “in this extensive of a way” said Dr. Cindy Bascom, a professor of communications. She continued to say the students enhance the speech contest because they are young and “in touch with what appeals to high school students” to capture their attention and provide them with useful information.

Celia Jones' advertising material.

The assignment given by adjunct instructor of graphics, Alan Roberts, was for students to create a campaign for a client’s event, a speech competition organized by Dr. Bascom.


The campaign required many elements but the initial concept of the design was the most challenging part of the process for Jones, a junior in the graphic communications program, but a process she enjoys.


“I enjoy anything creative like this,” Jones said. “This is what I want to do: work with clients to give them what they want and still be able to be creative.”


A more essential element of the campaign was the logo, which Bascom described as an image used in all the promotion material that represents an event.


The students also made a few power point slides to advertise during the contest and to BC students at chapel. The third and fourth elements were posters for BC students focusing more the keynote speaker and attending the event. The other poster and brochure focused on high school students and emphasized the prizes and recruit of high school students.


Bartlett, a junior in the graphic communications program said the challenging part after coming up with a theme was making everything go together, yet be different too.


“I wanted to do something simple, but that would still jump out at high school students and grab their attention; my campaign has a retro feel that’s funky a little bit.”


The last element was a presentation of the campaign to the client.


“I was the client,” said Bascom. “So it was interesting to see how they described and sold their design work to me.”


Bartlett is also enjoying that someone else liked his concept and thinks it will be cool to see his posters printed out and hung in several locations.


“This was a real world assignment with a client and competitors, and everybody did a really good job,” said Bartlett.


Jones was excited she won because everyone in her class is talented. Jones is also looking forward to putting this campaign in her portfolio as a winning and used design.


Bascom said judging was based on a design expression, uniqueness, and appeal to younger generations with all the necessary information.