If It Scares You

November 22, 2010 | RSS

As an introverted teenager, I was content with falling into the background. A thudding heart, shaking hands, and an overwhelming sense of fear faced me with every challenge that caused me to stand out. Pushing myself to the limit was not one of my extracurricular activities. I became comfortable with mediocre. 

After graduating from high school I was persuaded to join the forensics team my freshman year of community college. The thought of standing up in front of a judge and giving an interpretive reading terrified me, but something inside convince me to push forward. In preparation, my boyfriend (now husband) offered to help me in the art of interpretive prose reading. Even though it was simply the two of us sitting down to practice, I found it impossible to begin. The thought of reading out loud caused my heart to flop around in my stomach. After hours of coaxing me to read, it finally poured out of me. When the time came for our team's first competition I placed fourth in the interpretive prose category. With more tournaments my fear of public speaking slowly melted away, and my protective introverted shell started to crack. 

After graduating from community college, I thought I was finished with school. I began working full time and, without being conscious of it, I started to let go of my dreams. Five years later my husband and I decided to finish our bachelor's degrees at Bluefield College. The closer we came to packing up and moving 4 ½ hours away the more I began to question our decision. How would I handle being in a classroom after 5 years of being out of school? How would I juggle school, work and take care of life's responsibilities? My initial thought was, "I can't do this". But since being on campus I have once again ignited my passion and am a few steps closer to fulfilling my dream.   

When I was given the chance to write a column for the Rampage my thoughts immediately jumped to the conclusion that I would have no time to fit it into my schedule and that it would be too much to handle. In reality, I was terrified to take on a new challenge. I almost backed down, but once I realized why I was nervous, I told myself, "You should do this; it will be good for you".  

It's easy to back down when a challenge seems too terrifying or the road seems too hard to handle. But the best thing to do is just go for it and find the strength and courage you never knew you had. As I've learned over and over, if it scares you, it's probably good for you.